The blind spot that can wreak havoc on your team

2 common mistakes to avoid as you develop your people

This area of Develop is not an easy one take on. It’s more personal than professional some will say.

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I’ve had some leaders even make the comment, “Who are you to speak to me about this area of my life? That’s personal.” It is one that has to be handled very carefully.

Are You Consuming Your People or Developing Them?

The importance of developing your people in their thinking

Why is the area of thinking such an important one to consider in developing others? It shapes everything. We find that most leader-development seminars target one’s behavior or actions…how to lead a better meeting, how to form a team, how to make better decisions, etc.

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All of these are important and very helpful. We do a number of them ourselves in our our seminars.

How to think about developing others

The Big 3 Areas of Development

When it comes to developing others, one of the most often asked question I hear is, “In what areas do you develop people?…

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There are literally thousands of things people can work on in terms of their development. How do I know which one to zero in on?”

The key elements that are missing from most leadership programs

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on leadership development. Walk into any bookstore, surf the web, or participate in any number of seminars available at your work, and you’ll see what I mean that the opportunities to be developed are endless.

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And yet look at the results. Where are the leaders? Where are the different kind of leader from the ones we see in the headlines every day or we work with daily? Why is there not a better return on investment?