4 Questions To Clarify Assumptions

Helping your people move from confusion to clarity

Everyone you lead has a set of internal questions that they need answered. Whether they are cognizant of them or not, they are there and are being asked. If you don’t answer them accordingly, it will impact negatively your leadership of them.

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One of the most common mistakes leaders make is the error of assumption. Communicating in such a way that both parties clearly understand is difficult under the best of circumstances.

Working Together Without All Doing the Same

4 Critical areas every leader needs to think through

Aligning is all about together. It’s making adjustment according to a line. I like the way Dr. Henry Cloud describes it as “getting everyone and everything moving in the same direction” and I would add “within the same boundaries.”

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That is, to be together in line with the direction set. This is not an easy task to accomplish.

How to Help Leaders Figure out Where They are Going

5 Keys to Avoid Being Merely Busy

You’ve all heard the one about the airline pilot who came over the intercom with a good news/bad news announcement. The bad news was that they were completely lost. The good news was that they were making great time. Many leaders are making great time all the while being completely lost.

Confused, young businessman looking at many twisted arrows on th

Few things are as deceptive as thinking that activity equates to real movement.

This was the problem with one of the agencies I was coaching. I asked the leadership team what they used to assess whether their work day was a good one or not. To a person, their evaluative tool was how many items they could check off their to-do list.