Setting Direction Part 1: Do You Know Where You’re Going?

A Common Phenomenon: Lost But Making Great Time

You’ve probably heard the one about the airline pilot who tells his passengers that he has some good news/bad news for them midway through their flight.

Captain is starting increasing thrust to take off. Departure is during sunset.

He starts with the bad news which he states by saying, “We are completely lost.” He then reassures them by saying, “The good news, however, is that we are making great time.”

The Leader and His Pursuits

5 C's to Consider for Success

I was reading in the book of Judges about a military leader named Gideon. He and his men had routed an enemy army the night before and were subsequently pursuing the remnant who had fled.

Rapid river in mountains - Norwegian scene. Outdoor park.

As I reflected on this incident, it prompted some thoughts on leadership in the midst of a pursuit. I found it has application for us as leaders today.

3 Intrinsic Motivations That Get People Going

Motivations From The Larger Picture

External motivations such as rewards or consequences have an affect on us all and can never be discounted. However, more intrinsic, internal ones are taking on added importance, especially with the generation of younger leaders.

Hand of a man reaching out the beautiful landscape. POV shot of human hand on a sunny day.

I was talking to a missionary couple who had been working in bible translation with a group of people sociologists tagged as the most primitive tribe in Central America.

4 Questions To Clarify Assumptions

Helping your people move from confusion to clarity

Everyone you lead has a set of internal questions that they need answered. Whether they are cognizant of them or not, they are there and are being asked. If you don’t answer them accordingly, it will impact negatively your leadership of them.

thinking woman with question mark on gray wall background

One of the most common mistakes leaders make is the error of assumption. Communicating in such a way that both parties clearly understand is difficult under the best of circumstances.

Turning Intent into Action

4 Keys to making your people feel cared for

I’ve never met a leader who would say that he or she didn’t care for those they led. Yet, the lack of care is the number one complaint among those being led of their leaders. Why the disparity?

Businessman protecting paper people at the table

The problem stems from the difficulty in turning heartfelt intentions into demonstrable actions.

Working Together Without All Doing the Same

4 Critical areas every leader needs to think through

Aligning is all about together. It’s making adjustment according to a line. I like the way Dr. Henry Cloud describes it as “getting everyone and everything moving in the same direction” and I would add “within the same boundaries.”

Many chalk arrows move in the same direction

That is, to be together in line with the direction set. This is not an easy task to accomplish.

The key elements that are missing from most leadership programs

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on leadership development. Walk into any bookstore, surf the web, or participate in any number of seminars available at your work, and you’ll see what I mean that the opportunities to be developed are endless.

Jigsaw puzzle

And yet look at the results. Where are the leaders? Where are the different kind of leader from the ones we see in the headlines every day or we work with daily? Why is there not a better return on investment?